1.1. Online store "" located on the domain name,

hereinafter referred to as, publishes a Public offer for the rental of the Goods by remote means.

1.2. Customer: counterparty, hereinafter referred to as CLIENT.

1.3. Services: The services rented by the CUSTOMER from are specified in the (online) Order (also called the Agreement).

1.4. Terms of Service: The terms of the general terms and conditions, as well as policies and instructions explaining under what conditions the Services may be used, are set out in the Terms of Service ("TOS").


2.1. For the use of the Services, the CUSTOMER pays a periodic maintenance fee to as specified in the (online) Order.

2.2. Payment by the CUSTOMER of the periodic fee on the website means that the CUSTOMER agrees with all the terms of this Offer.

2.3. All prices are excluding VAT and excluding third party (e.g. bank and (online) payment provider) payment (gateway) or transaction fees, and any other taxes or fees imposed by the government. All prices are always quoted in euros and must be paid by the CUSTOMER in that currency, unless otherwise agreed.

2.4. has the right to change the tariffs charged to the CLIENT. The CUSTOMER will be notified of these changes by email or on the website at least one (1) month prior to their effective date. The CUSTOMER has the right to terminate the Agreement from the date of entry into force of the change, provided that the change in price represents an increase in price.

2.5. Payment (on a prepayment basis) must be made within fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice in the manner determined by


3.1. The agreement is concluded for a fixed period of time, unless the nature or essence of this instruction dictates an indefinite period of time.

3.2. At the end of the term, the Agreement will be renewed for successive periods equal to the original term, unless one of the parties notifies the other in writing of its disagreement with the extension of the Agreement, taking into account a notice period of at least one (1) day.

3.3. has the right to (partially) suspend the fulfillment of its obligations or terminate the Agreement if:

- The CUSTOMER does not fulfill his obligations under the Agreement or does not fulfill them in full or on time;

- after the conclusion of the Agreement, on the basis of the information that became known to him has good reason to fear that the CLIENT will not be able to fulfill his obligations.

3.4. Upon termination or expiration of the Agreement:

- will stop providing all Services;

- has the right to erase and delete all CLIENT data from equipment;

- has the right to provide equipment for use by other customers;

3.5. The competent courts of European countries have exclusive jurisdiction to consider and decide on any claims, claims or proceedings, as well as to resolve any disputes that may arise out of or in connection with the Agreement or other agreements or other legal relationships arising from it.

3.6. These TOS can be sent to upon request. The Terms of Use can also be viewed and saved at

3.7. The most recent version of these Terms and Conditions filed will apply or, as the case may be, the version that was in effect at the time of our legal relationship with will apply.

3.8. has the right to unilaterally change (part of) the Agreement and the accompanying documentation to it. This amendment also applies to existing Services, unless otherwise stated on The amendment is effective after the announcement or at a later date specified in the announcement.

8. has the right to unilaterally change (part) of the Agreement and the accompanying documentation to it. This amendment also applies to existing Services, unless otherwise stated on The amendment is effective after the announcement or at a later date specified in the announcement.


4.1. provides the CUSTOMER with the opportunity to register, renew and transfer domain names both in favor of and for the benefit of third parties.

4.2. All operations with domain names, including payment, are carried out using an automated system in your personal account.

4.3. Domain name registration involves obtaining personal information about the potential owner of the rights to the domain name. In addition, the user's identity can be published in open sources (for example, in a WHOIS database).

4.4. Transfer of rights to a domain name, transfer of a domain name for management to another Registrar is carried out only after receiving an official letter from the CUSTOMER. If the domain name is registered to a legal entity, for the transfer of rights / transfer of the domain name, a letter printed on the company letterhead with the company seal and signature of the senior manager is required. If the domain name is registered to an individual, then copies of the first and second pages of the passport.

Carefully read the text of the public offer, and if you do not agree with any clause of the offer, you have the right to refuse to rent the facilities provided by and not take the actions specified in clause 2.2. of this Offer.


I agree with the contract