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VPS (Virtual Private Server), also known as VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), is a virtual dedicated server, a modern hosting technology that completely emulates the operation of a separate physical server.

But we offer you more than just a VPS. We offer ideal servers in seven locations - Netherlands, Russia, USA, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Hong Kong. Choose any. For our part, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.


Advantages of choosing hosting at AlexHost company:

You receive free basic technical support on how to configure your site.
99.9% UPTIME
Guaranteed uptime of your site 99.9%
Money Back Guarantee
Refund for unused period within 7 business days


Full SSH root access

You gain full root access to you serverr


VNC console

You will get access to VNC console from the control panell


Backups included

Weekly backups of your server are included in the cost


Premium traffic

Cost includes unlimited 100 Mbps traffic


Basic support

You will get basic technical assistance with configuration of your VPS



Your server is protected against DDoS attacks with capacity up to 500 Gbps


SLA 99.9%

Guaranteed uptime of your VPS server 99.9%


Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee refunds for unused period


VPS server on FreeBSD: for those who care about reliability and safety

To keep a web-site on a shared server is cheap and convenient, but to a certain point. When it comes to serious money and the security of your business, this kind of "communism" is no longer acceptable. If you need a personal server - choose the VPS/VDS controlled by the FreeBSD operating system! Virtual server is the pledge of independence, the guarantee of the stable operation and secure data storage. And these are no empty words - let's find out why VPS servers have become popular.

What is VPS server on FreeBSD?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a complete server space allocated to a specific subscriber. Unlike physical expensive server, virtual server doesn't cost much, about 10-30 dollars per month. The administrator has full independence from the "neighbors", getting the power of data, for which he pays. VPS is often necessary in the tasks, where the rate of reaction and large amounts of data are a priority. Thw following may server an example:

  • Mailing maintenance;
  • Web chats, forums, video chats support;
  • Transport and parcel tracking service;
  • CCTV services, etc.

More specifically, the virtual server is always good for business support. To manage it, they developed OS version. In this case we suggest FreeBSD operating system. It has significant advantages over its predecessors and competitors.

Advantage #1. Stability of VPS server on FreeBSD

We will start with a short introduction. The operating system was being developed for about a decade. During repeated testing, the configuration was debugged to almost perfect condition with the level of efficiency of 99.9%. The system allows to support the work of the server under heavy load in 24/7 mode. There are no such concepts for the virtual server on FreeBSD as weekends, holidays and rush hour. This means that your traffic will not be interrupted. You do not even need to reboot your system, installing the accompanying software, that would take up time. The only time you need to reboot is to change the system core. However, this is rare, and only due to strong necessity. Otherwise, the virtual server will provide great system performance, because due to the transfer of data in the cloud storage more computer memory will become available.

Advantage #2. Security of virtual servers on FreeBSD

FreeBSD operating system is called "open", which is also treated as fully transparent. An important role in this is case has IPv6 internet-protocol compatibility. The owner of VPS server on FreeBSD will not suffer from paranoia and fear of being under the supervision of parents, FSB, general, espionage in this case is excluded. FreeBSD is also well protected from viruses. The attack of even the most advanced "Trojan" will be eliminated and your files will remain untouched.

When testing the virtual server on FreeBSD there have not been any incidents of discovering hidden functions, which the user has not been warned about. The personalization of settings allows you to choose the configuration that is most convenient to the administrator. However, the inexperienced user in matters of setting up the OS should adhere to the basic configuration, since the high level of security is set up by default.

Advantage #3. Free-of-charge VPS server on FreeBSD

A simple and well-organized operating system will cost you nothing, just as Linux. Moreover, FreeBSD is several steps ahead of Linux, almost like modern Europeans are ahead of Cro-Magnon. Regarding the tariff plan of hosting, you will be offered flexible pricing that depends on HDD capacity, % CPU, RAM volume. The cost of hosting varies.

Advantage #4. Productivity of FreeBSD virtual server

FreeBSD operating system is based on the latest of the existing distributions 4.4 BSD, which guarantees great productivity. It is achieved by the following features:

  • Proper administration of memory and cache by consolidating these functions into one: OS administrator is deprived of this duty;
  • Good compatibility with other operating systems such as Unix, Linux, NetBSD;
  • Built in core queues accelerate the reaction and reduce the time to solve asynchronous tasks;
  • Input filters allow you to redistribute the work of applications partially to the core;
  • Updates are installed without rebooting, and mosty do not involve the core.

Advantage #5. Reliability of FreeBSD server

Based on the benefits of this operating system listed above, we can emphasize its concern about the level of data security and continuity of its transmissions. FreeBSD OS core contains a module that is responsible for ongoing monitoring of connections and their status. During a crisis period, reallocation of resources occurs, and more RAM is used to increase the connection capacity.;

Drive arrays and information they have are safeguarded against crashes and data loss. FreeBSD ensures support for software with cryptographic encryption and proxy IP-Gateways. Finally, the use of VPS on this operating system guarantees the choice of RPC-servers with a preliminary estimation of the level of security. And this is not a full list of features that are offered to an administrator.

Order VPS server on FreeBSD

If you need your own hosting, you can open it on a personal virtual server. If you want to open and manage multiple domains, e-mails, chats, the obvious choice would be to get a reliable and cheap VPS on FreeBSD. Moreover, you don't need to go into administration, the necessary support and maintenance of hosting is provide by us. The experts will be watching over the correct operation of your hosting. At the same time, the Client can access all features of the operating system and monitor its work independently.

VPS on FreeBSD allows you to install more than 1GB of programs and applications without occupying too much drive space. The backups to a secure cloud are done in a timely manner allowing your computer to be less overloaded, but at the same time perform a great number of tasks. You may select one of the options that suits you the best. The server on FreeBSD is provided as a ready product with a free IP-address. The traffic and administration settings are already set up.